Spring Summer Collection 2022

The CORSANI FIRENZE Spring-Summer 2022 Italian women's footwear collection is essentially inspired by nature and free time. The prevalent use of light and relaxing colors, such as milky white, sage green and cream, as well as shapes represent the desire to live in harmony with the relaxing natural world where the human being feels at ease. The use of very soft materials, both for the upper and for the sole, make CORSANI FIRENZE shoes extremely comfortable and light and make walking a real relief for the foot. This does not mean that the collection renounces to follow the latest trends in Italian fashion by rightfully joining the tradition of the most exclusive contemporary Italian artisan footwear manufacturing, made of creativity and love for beautiful shoes. The models of the new CORSANI FIRENZE collection are represented by sneakers, sandals and moccasins with a sporty and elegant character that adapt to all moments of the day of the modern woman who wants to freely live her desire to wear the best Italian footwear.